Dad..What Is Religion?

When my sixteen year old daughter asked me “Dad..What does religion mean to you?” I was taken back by the question. Not so much on the subject of religion but that she asked what it meant to me.

I was unprepared and taken off guard. I had no stock answer to the question. I had to think for a few moments.

The answer I gave was vague and not so much from the heart but more in keeping  the conversation going. Its few and far between drinks when it comes to us talking about subjects like this. One of those rare instances where daughter and dad connect on a topic with some substance.

Brooding over her question I was not all that convinced my answer actually reflected my belief.  Giving myself more time to think it over and getting  a better perspective on my own thoughts and insights into the matter I waited for a good time to broach the subject again.

The next day while driving her to a friend’s house I had opportunity to clarify my thoughts on the subject.

“Religion to me is a way for people to worship God”, I said with a renewed conviction.

“I believe that religion and faith have to be separated as they are two very different things. Religion is a means to an end, a way to learn and understand one’s faith and in some cases a way to express a person’s beliefs.”

When she started to turn the volume dial on the radio louder I knew that I was losing my audience.  Turning the volume back down I explained I wanted to finish my thoughts quickly before she wandered off into another stratosphere.

“If you were to ask me what my religion is, I would have to say I have none, but if you were to ask me my faith I would say this, I am a Jewish man who believes in Jesus.”

“Thanks dad” she squealed as she turned the volume up, “but this is my favourite group.”

Something called the Script.

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