Faith Is A Muscle That Needs Exercise

building faithHebrews 11 The faith chapter is an all time favorite for me. All those great men and women simply obeying God at a moment in time that changed a course of history.

To have faith we must believe without a shadow of a doubt what we cannot see.

Now my faith is strong in certain areas and there is no doubt in my mind when it comes to my salvation, heaven, eternal life and Jesus. In those areas my faith is rock solid.

Other areas of my faith life are a work in progress and the way I look at is this; faith is like a muscle that has to be used and strengthened to be effective. So although I can have complete faith and no doubt in one are of my beliefs it doesn’t mean that other areas are as fortunate.

Let me be more specific. When reading through Heb 11 (I actually have it memorized) It doesn’t always have such a good effect on me because it magnifies certain areas of  my faith are not as strong as they should be and in some cases non-existent.

I had allowed myself to believe that because certain areas of faith were weak that it meant that my whole relationship with God was weak. That is not the case and neither should it be. Its not saying that the weaker areas of faith won’t in some way affect other areas but we have to keep things in perspective.

I realized that I  needed to isolate those weak areas in my life and work on them individually to make them stronger therefore  making all other areas stronger at the same time.

For instance, I have not always had confidence or believe wholeheartedly when God was speaking to me about doing something. Because that muscle was not as strong as it should have been it left me weakened in a very important area of my faith life.

Or when my action muscle was not used on a regular basis I feared the consequences of doing what I knew to be something what God wanted me to do.Even the smallest things sometimes would loom larger than the horizon in my mind.

As  I became fully aware of those areas I made a conscious effort to zero in on them and do something about it.

I made the smallest attempts to talk to people about my faith. Small steps.  At the same time I am learning to believe when God is speaking and leading me to do something, some form of action and when I do I know that God is strengthening that muscle. Again small steps.

It makes it easier to use each time I exercise my faith in those weak areas.

So if there are certain areas of faith that needed strengthening learn to recognize and isolate those muscles and work on them and don’t be tricked into thinking that your whole relationship with God is at risk. They are not.

We as Christians and I speak for myself are a continual work in progress and from my years of experience will always be.

I may never be like the men and women in Hebrews 11 but I am training those faith muscles as if  I could be.

If God calls me then I want to be ready.

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  1. “Faith is like a muscle that needs training”

    Totally agree!

  2. I love this blog, I am currently studying Hebrews 11, I hope to grow my faith just as the men and women did in the early days. I appreciate the fact that I too view my walk as a training, I am going to be ready when GOD calls me. Wonderful and inspiring words. Thank you

  3. This is brilliant and so true. I love what you wrote about focusing in on the weaknesses and taking small steps of faith to overcome them.
    God has been reminding me tonight of who He is and who I am and how my weakness in particular areas does not define me in His eyes even if I’ve been defining myself in that way. It has been a wonderful, amazing and transforming revelation. Trust Him to use you to confirm it to me.

    Thank you so much Sammy. May God bless you and continue to use this gift of using your blog to bless and help others

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