God’s Sleeper Cells

Army-Of-God-150x150I started my christian life on the front lines. From the git go I was out on the streets everyday telling people what Jesus did in my young reborn life. I didn’t know much scripture or had any experience under the label of being a christian.

All I knew was that I loved Jesus and everyone needed Him as well. Fortunately I had others more mature buddies with me to answer the more complex questions like “what happens to me when I die”. I was like a toddler going up to people with my arms up in the air to give hugs.

But I loved every minute of it and I grew into my skin so to speak. Those early years I was fearless, willing to go anywhere, anytime and do just about anything to tell people how much Jesus loved them.

Forty years later here I sit telling you of the “good ol’ days”. War stories a plenty in my memory bank. But what about now?  A real christian never loses that desire to tell others about Jesus in some way form or other. It’s in our blood, its in our DNA, it’s who we are.

We can’t always be a front line soldier, some may feel that they are not called to it.   I have fought off the thoughts that God was finished with me and I  was destined to finish my christian life doing paperwork. That would be OK with me if that is what God wants.

I have a different view on it now. Bare with me here.

There is no retirement in God’s army so we are always on active duty. I have recently come to the conclusion that not only does God have front line soldiers and those who support them but He has millions of sleeper cells around the world just waiting for the call to rise up and fight the good fight at a moments notice.

I have a friend whose son is in the police force as a Tactical Response Officer. These elite special forces police are responsible for terrorist attacks, national security, out of the ordinary situations that need specialized trained officers.

Do you know what they do most days? They train.  In the country I am presently living in, they see very little action. Most of their days are taken in preparing for any trouble. Day after day, hour after hour, week after week month after month. They are in constant training until the day they are called on to snap into action.

For quite some time I have been struggling with how is God going to use a person like me. I have so much experience on the front lines but my situation over the years has taken me to a place that I sometimes feel that God has me shuffling paper.

I know God wants to continue to use me and I now see my daily routine as continued training to keep my spiritual walk with the Lord sharp. My prayer life sharp, giving sharp, compassion sharp, understanding sharp, wisdom sharp, obedience sharp and all the things God expects of a soldier in his army at the ready to be shipped out at a moments notice.

And He will call me that I know.

Yep, I now see my self as one of God’s Sleeper Cells ready, willing and able.

There are millions of us are you one?

 “Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ”  II Timothy 2:3 (KJV)

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  1. Encouraging. That is some good revelation…”There is no retirement in God’s army” and that sometimes even when we feel like we’re “shuffling papers” that we’re keeping ourselves trained and ready for the active duty God may place us in at any time. Blessed by your blog and testimony. Thank you for stopping by my blog also!

  2. Godschick, I am so looking forward to seeing what God does with your young family. I am excited for you.

  3. I hear you! I’ve felt that way for many years. Things are beginning to pick up a bit.

    The way I see it, Moses was 80 when he was put in charge of the Israelites. Joshua and Caleb were in their 80s when they were finally allowed to take possession of the land that was promised to them. Caleb had a few giants to take care of first.

    Sheesh, we’re spring chickens by comparison!


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