Always Take The First Step

I love playing the good Samaritan.  It’s a way that I know I can be of help to others. Mostly its the little things. Open a door for a woman, give a seat on the bus etc. I have yet to jump off a bridge to save a drowning child or run into a raging fire to save someones cat. But God knows my heart and I mean well when I do the little things.

Just recently I saw opportunity to help once again. At a shopping center car park an elderly lady pushing one of those walkers with wheels to assist in keeping a persons balance and also has a little carry basket attached was walking to her car.

This dear  lady looked like she was struggling to put her parcels in the trunk of her car  and fold up her walker. To make matters worse there was a steady rain falling.

I walked over and asked if I could help.

With the sweetest smile and twinkle in her eye she said “why of course, young man (that’s how I knew she was older) I would most appreciate it”. Thinking that she would want me to help put her packages in the car and fold up her walker  she said;  “if you wouldn’t mind holding this umbrella for me so I won’t get wet that would be great.” I picked up the umbrella from the trunk of her car and opened it.

I was in awe of this dear lady who did all the heavy lifting herself and because of the slowness of her actions and the amount of time it took her I knew it was not an easy physical task.

But I knew I would get credit anyhow because I was playing my part in holding the umbrella.

Finished putting everything away which seemed to take an eternity she looked up at me and gave me that smile again and said, “thank you so much for your consideration in helping an old lady.”  That is when I noticed that I was holding the umbrella over my head keeping me dry the whole time  while this dear woman was soaking wet.

We had a good laugh together as I put the umbrella back in the trunk of her car.

I waved goodbye and she again gave me that sweet smile that just made my day.

That is when I realized that God brought this dear woman across my path not so I could help and minister to her but because God knew I needed to be ministered to.

Either way? I had to take the first step.

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  1. Great post! Good to reflect upon!

  2. Amen!! I am always amazed how serving Him and others…blesses ourselves. 🙂 Thanks for sharing…and keep helping. I am sure you made her day!! 🙂

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