Stop Struggling and Let God Do His Thing

drowningAs the story goes,  a mother standing knee-deep in water, calling for help as her child was caught in a current while swimming at an isolated beach.  The mother screaming uncontrollably knowing her son was not a great swimmer pleaded with a man walking by to save her son.

The man accessed the situation and said he would help but never made a move to go into the water.

‘Please do something’ the mother implored as the boy was struggling to stay afloat with his arms flailing every which way trying to find his way back into shore.

The man stood  silent  not making a move to help.

As the young boy started to tire, his struggling became weaker until he had no strength left and seemingly was about to go under when the man jumped in the water,  swam out to the boy and pulled him to the safety of the beach.

The woman overcome by gratitude holding onto her son for dear life turned to the man and thanked him profusely. Then she said, “why sir, did you wait so long to save my boy, he could have drowned?”

‘Miss’ he said, ” if I went out and try to bring your boy back to shore when he was struggling and flailing his arms every which way  he could very well have taken me down under and we both could have drowned. I had to wait until he ran out of strength before trying to help, knowing that neither of us would be in danger of losing our lives.’

How many times in my walk with the Lord I found myself in deep water and when realizing I couldn’t get myself  back to the safety of the shoreline I would struggle incessantly never being able to save myself. God in his infinite wisdom would have to wait until I stop trying so hard and trust Him that He was on top of the situation so He could at least send someone along to drag me back to safety so I wouldn’t drown.

If you find yourself at times in deep water and the current and rips are strong and start to pull you out further away from the shore, we are continually told, the best way to help our selves is to not struggle and try to swim against the current but to allow the current or rip (our trials) to take us where ever they need to  go until it loses its power or changes it direction leaving us with enough strength to swim back to safety.

But if we need to be rescued, then stop all the self struggle and allow God to do what he does best. Even if he has to send a stranger to help us, as humbling as that may seem.

Happy swimming (serving God).

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  1. Very good post. It is very timely for me to read this today. Thank you for sharing this story. And thank you for stopping by my blog. Blessings.

  2. How true this is. Bless you for writing another meaningful blog.
    Gayle Moore-Morrans

  3. Such a brilliant story to teach such an important lesson. Thanks Sammy. Another inspirational blog.

  4. inspireddaybyday

    What a wonderful and powerful message! Thank you!

  5. Great post, keep up with the hard work, youre doing it right!

  6. Happy for you that you started writing to share your heart and minister His truth. A wonderful smile and a humble spirit you offer.

    My two cents on drowning, faith, and God:

    I hope it blesses you.

  7. Amen……Amen
    How great is our GOD…!!!

  8. Very Great, thanks for visiting Anna and God Bless you

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