Make It Personal – Part 3

Never under-estimate the powerful influence that our personal testimony has when witnessing to others.

I have been reading through the Book of Acts and it jumped out at me the times Paul  used his personal account of how Jesus stopped him in his tracks and revealed himself. Paul was never the same and no matter what other teachings he tried to persuade in his preaching his personal story was the most powerful. (In my humble opinion of course)

I thought about it and just as my physical birth into this world was more of a story for my parents to tell, my rebirth into the spirit world is my own story, I was there and I experienced it in full.

I understand the argument unbelievers put to us about the validity of faith and what we as Christians believe even though we can’t see it. The whole bible is taken by faith in that we believe in what is written not because we were there or knew anyone who was but because we believe those who wrote the stories were anointed of God.

It’s all a matter of faith and although there are numerous interpretations according to what church or religion you belong to it still takes our personal belief that those things actually happened the way they were portrayed.

We won’t really know until we leave this world and go on to the other side because it is all a matter of what we believe and although our faith gives us the ability to know these things it is still conjecture as far as unbelievers see it.

Talking of all the men and women of faith in Hebrews 11 verses 13 & 16 says (KJV);

These all died in faith not having received the promises but having seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them and embraced them and professed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth.

Now they desire a better country that is an heavenly wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God and He hath prepared for them a city.

Most of us haven’t seen it but we believe it by faith.

In saying that the only thing we can be certain of with faith is our own personal experience in how each one of us came to know Jesus. And with that our most powerful witness.

That in itself is our spiritual birth certificate. When we were reborn into a world that takes faith to believe.

Paul used his personal testimony so many times in his witness and with good cause. It was powerful, he was there (and some witnesses) and it couldn’t be denied unless he was called a liar.

I was amused at how Paul when incarcerated as is told in the Book of Acts when he was in strife he used his personal testimony. When all else fails testify.

I am reminded of the time when on a mission field in South East Asia, from time to time a few of us would go on a road trip to a small village to see what God would do. On this particular trip I went with a christian brother and one of my sons who was only about seven years old at the time.

We found our way to the only store in this particular village and when entering for early morning breakfast found ourselves in the middle of a gang of young people either still drinking from the night before or getting an early start.

We had two choices; turn and run or trust God we were there for a reason. We chose the latter.

White people in this part of the country was obviously not a regular occurrence and along with the stares and occasional obscenity thrown our way we were starting to wonder if we had made the right decision.

One man stood out in the crowd. Wearing a vest with no shirt I saw tucked into his pants a gun. It all of a sudden got very hot, I knew this because sweat was starting to pour down my face.

Leaving the pack he sauntered over and asked what we were doing there his vest swaying making his accessory stand out even more.

He, for some reason walked right over to me and confronted me of why we were in his town. I told him in no uncertain terms that we were there to tell other about Jesus.

He pulled me away from my “pack” and told me to sit down and tell me about it. Now I can’t remember all I said but I thought if I talk and he listens we were safe.

I started by telling how Jesus found me, I gave him in detail my personal testimony and he listened attentively to every word.

When I finally ran out of words and waited for the judgement I noticed that his eyes had softened and he was speechless. He then asked respectfully if we wouldn’t mind coming to his house to talk more privately.

It was a big decision and conferring with my team we thought it would be OK.  To our surprise and relief he left his gang and went alone.

Longer story short. When we arrived at his place and he showed us pictures of his time as a merchant marine working out of Germany he confessed that when he returned to his home country he got involved with bad things. He became a gun for hire (he used a word to describe it in his local dialect but I can’t remember it).

He killed people for a living.

It was a good visit and we spent a few hours with this man. I can’t say that he at that moment received Jesus but we did a good job of sowing some seed and watering the ground. We left the rest up to God.

God saved us from a potentially serious situation and I believe that he used my personal testimony to do it.

I of course have used my conversion hundreds of times since and none so dramatic but I am convinced to this day that it still remains my most powerful tool in telling others about Jesus.

Not all of us have dramatic Hollywood movie type conversions like Paul but we all have a story that is just as powerful as if we are not afraid to tell it like it is. Each one of us has a unique story to tell.

Tell it with passion and conviction.

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  1. That is great, Sammy, God is so amazing!

  2. inspireddaybyday

    So inspiring Sammy!!

  3. I wrote my testimony on my blog in 6 parts. Part 5 is the most interesting, if you care to read it. I went from a raggamuffin to a child of the king, in a matter of minutes. May people don’t believe my story because it so ‘out there’. I hope you do. I think it’s a powerful testimony.
    love to you friend,

    • Because your testimony is so out there is what I love about it. You are stamped with the seal of approval. Keep well and God bless you

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