The Center of God’s Will

I am today, exactly where I am supposed to be in God’s overall plan for my life. Which put’s me in the center of God’s will. Now how can I be sure of that  considering I spend half my time desiring to do something else and  to be someplace else. You know,  doing God’s higher will.

I am convinced that being in the center of God’s will has  nothing to do with service. It has more to do with the reason why we are where we are. Both physically and spiritually.

I know what you are thinking.  “My greatest calling surely can’t be, cleaning the house, washing the dishes, refereeing sibling disputes, walking the dog, feeding the cat, working for peanuts, and putting up with the neighbors loud music, sitting in traffic trying to get home etc, etc, etc.”

But if we truly love the Lord, are passionate about our relationship with Him and most of our waking hours are consumed with doing all we can to please him then we have to trust that He knows that we are where we are because that is where He wants us to be.

It was made clear to me not too long ago that not everything is about me. Let me explain.

My 17-year-old daughter woke me up to that fact one day. She does not get along at all with her older brother so much so that I have to step in to pull them apart.

Our family is far from perfect and sometimes when I have to keep our kids at arm’s length for no other reason than to keep them from killing each other, I have at times felt that I had enough and could take no more.

Presenting  my case to my irritating, self-righteous daughter one day, I pleaded with her. “Hey give your dad a break because its been a rough 60 odd years and I’m getting older and to be quite honest  I’m getting sick and tired of all this crap that goes on, so for your dear old dad and mom lighten up OK?”

Surely I struck gold with this plea bargain.

She looked at me as though I was an alien trying to communicate in a foreign language, then said, “dad, not everything is about you”.

I was speechless because I knew she was right. She hit the nail on the head. I had made it about me when in fact it was about her and her brother.

That incident also helped me realize that God had been trying to convey to me when I feel that I can’t take any more. When I feel like I should be somewhere else serving God at a higher capacity , rather than being weighed down with the pettiness of daily life and its infinite struggles.

He says to us when we feel that He has forgotten us and our desire for a better calling or desire to be in a higher will (if that is even possible), “hey son (or daughter), not everything is about you.

How true that little gem is because many times we are where we are because of others, those that need us or need us to be there. In fact God’s callings and his will is always about others.

Mission fields are about helping the poor, preaching the gospel in exotic places is about helping others know Jesus and making disciples of all nations is about teaching others is serve Him.

It has made life so much easier to accept this one little point, it has given me a peace of mind that passes all understanding.

In saying that, if you knew me, you know I wouldn’t be completely happy with the “doorkeeper” tag so I asked God if he could at least throw  me a bone to gnaw on while being in the center of God’s will.

Now I could be out of line here but I am sure that there are times when  God rolls his eyes at us and gives a huge sigh wondering when we will get it.

So what does he do?  He tells me to start a blog and share my lessons and stories with others.

I love my God and He loves me, warts and all.

Enjoy where you are because you are in the center of God’s will.

(Footnote: My daughter and son are doing much better. They can actually be in the same room together and for now I have been able to put my referee whistle away.)

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  1. inspireddaybyday

    Fabulous 😀 Gives me hope with our teenagers!

  2. It’s funny how God speaks through our kids and others.
    God Bless

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