Give Me Back The Joy

Bursting-with-joyI can remember when school yard fights were settled when one kid would be sitting on another, his arms pinned to the ground and having to say “uncle” to end the fight.

A few years ago I had to say uncle to God. He pinned me down with a verse of scripture rather than some affliction or bad experience (whew). It reads, “Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation and uphold me with thy free spirit” (Psalm 51:12 KJV).

Jesus had me pinned and put his face right in mine and said, “your missing the joy that we had together when we first found each other. I miss it and you need to pray this prayer. You can have the joy back but you need to do your part. Now get off your back and get on your knees and ask me to help you get the joy back in your life.”

I did, that verse became a daily prayer in my life. God wasn’t upset at me for not having the joy. He knew what was missing in my life and he wanted me to get it back. I believe God really likes watching us when we are full of joy and happiness.

Jesus wants us to have joy and not always be so introspective about our sins, failings, mistakes and disobedience’s.  Yes its true that the they are probably responsible somewhat for our lack of  joy and they are good for us a they do tend to bring the best out of us in the long run but if we have completely replaced that joy of our salvation with the daily grind of life in general then it time to stop and have a good look at ourselves.

When I came to the Lord it was the happiest time in my life. I was happy, at peace, full of joy, bursting with love, a new life and I wanted to shout it from the housetops. I was on top of the world.  Like a child on an outing with his father to an exciting theme park. I thought my heart would burst I was so happy in my new life.

I was like that child holding his father’s hand, pulling and tugging for him to keep up and go to the next ride, I would run ahead and turn around and call for him to catch up as there was no time to waste,  when I got tired he would carry me in his arms but I was content and at peace. Jesus was close, intimate and I knew he was there. His presence was powerful and I could almost see and feel Him in the flesh, that is how close He was too me back then.

I miss those times and so does God.

I started to pray daily, restore unto me the joy of thy salvation and waited like he was going to do some miracle and my heart would be overwhelmed with love and joy. But it didn’t, I knew I was on the right track but I didn’t know what I was supposed to do to get back the joy.

I knew there were certain things in my life I had to forsake, give up and turn around that were keeping me from truly believing that God would give me  that joy I so desperately wanted back.

Turning things around by honestly trying to alleviate certain sins in my life helped but wasn’t the answer. I had wondered if it was even possible to know that joy of  His salvation again.

Then one day the light turned on in the dark caverns of my heart and it became clear as day. It is not in the doing of things to get the joy of  His salvation restored. It’s in the receiving. In the beginning it was in the receiving. It was allowing Jesus into my heart. I lost that joy when I started to look for joy in other areas of my life.

Service, family, relationships,  church, witnessing, outreach, children, TV, sports, internet and the list goes on.  They can give temporary happiness, peace, contentment, pride, love and everything that Jesus represents but only allowing Jesus to be in us every waking minute of the day like the day of our rebirth can  the joy (love, peace, happiness, contentment and all the other goodies that come with it) be restored.

By allowing the cares of this world way me down, by trying to find happiness in others and God’s service and doing the right things actually helped to push Jesus a little further away.

The cares and problems of everyday life will always be there, they are real. Our desire to do the works and action of helping others will always be there. It’s in our Christian DNA. But allowing Jesus to continually live within us in the secret places of our hearts is up to us.

Salvation in the first place was never by works but by grace. ( Gift Received At Christ’s Expense). The way I see it, in spite of ourselves, as long as we keep allowing Jesus to stay close to us and not push him away due to the cares of this life then we can enjoy that joy of  His salvation.

When it comes to our relationship with the Lord and his joy, He does the giving and we do the receiving. He never forces himself on us. He will abide where we let Him.

Remember, Salvation is His gift to us.  That has never changed.

We are the ones that changed.

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  1. Carly Congilosi

    Good post! To often we get stuck fulfilling responsibilities instead of focusing on our Creator. As you said, even if these things are about Jesus, they can distract us from Jesus. Wise words!

  2. Just dropping a note your way to let you know how much your posts impact me personally. I am still praying for you *smile* but in the process you seem to be the one blessing me~
    Keep on shining God’s grace and peace, so many people need the encouragement.
    Blessings to you~

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