Did I Miss My Calling?

Photo from Google images

Photo from Google images

As a young man hitch hiking across Canada with my dog I was in search for the truth. I wasn’t sure what the truth was but I was hoping that when I found it, it would smack me in the face.

I was travelling light with my dog by my side, a small back pack and a shoulder satchel big enough to carry some books that I picked up along the way in second-hand shops.

I had a copy of  the Prophet, a book on Transcendental Meditation and  a few others I don’t remember plus a book I believe was called ‘The Man Who Went Everywhere Doing Good.’ It was a modern day story about a man whose sole purpose in life was to travel from place to place and do good to who ever he met  or  who needed a helping hand.

He was able to help  people when sick, feed the hungry, comfort the brokenhearted and had wisdom beyond his years.  He told stories that entertained  his audiences and in return those he helped, took care of his physical needs.

He was my new hero and I wanted to be just like him. For the first time in my life I had a desire to do something for others whose name was not Sammy.

Some might say a miracle was in progress because up until this time my life was pretty much self-centered. Everything revolved around me, my feelings, my desires, my way.

A short time later me and Jesus hooked up and have been together ever since. It didn’t take me long to realize that Jesus  was the man  in the book and by hell and high water I was going to be just like him.

I got off to a great start. With nothing holding me back, no other responsibilities other than myself, (sadly my dog left me as she was hit by a car not long before this time) I was able to fulfill my self-imposed promise to be like the man who went everywhere doing good.

As the years progressed I had my own hitch hikers join me.  A wife  and children came along for the ride and we continued my quest as a family.

But sometimes a mother and children need a nest and I  had to eventually sacrifice my calling to take care of business.  Although I never gave up trying to witness and help those in need the responsibilities of having a large family brought a new dimension to our lifestyle.

My family became my first priority but all the while always looking for ways to continue my calling . For many years as the dynamics of our way of life and priorities changed I spent  more time on all the things one needed to do to keep a family clothed, fed, schooled, healthy, safe and having fun.

This took up most of my time as you are well aware if you have a family, but my calling was always close at hand waiting for any opportunity to pounce when given the word. As each year passed and my calling gathering dust I started to feel bad about not being able to do what I believed  God wanted  me to do.

Did I miss my calling?

In hindsight, which is always a great teacher I realized that I didn’t miss my calling, but in fact my calling changed. I just didn’t recognize when the baton was passed on.

I pined for the old many a day, thinking, God had finally put me out to pasture. But as I have found out life goes through many cycles and after more than thirty years on as my family matured and left home I can feel the baton stating to change hands once again.

What ever it may be I know one thing is certain,  Its going to be one exciting ride even if it could be my  curtain call (ing).

Have you missed your calling?

Has the baton changed hands?

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  1. Every Christian’s calling is to love others and to obey Christ, sharing the great commission. God’s soveriegnty will never allow us to miss that ultimate calling no matter what we do. Good post.

  2. Callings do change. So no you didn’t miss your calling. You were JUST called to more than one thing! 🙂

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