I Know The Author

When I first started writing a few years ago (late bloomer) even before I started blogging my desire was to write a book. (how original)  So I wrote and I wrote and I wrote. I was like a mad man similar to Jack Nicholson in the Shining.  A man possessed.

I was loving it. I didn’t know what I would do when I finished, or if it even made any sense, but I was in the zone and that was all that mattered.

During  this time I made the mistake of mentioning to a few select friends what I was doing. Probably to gain recognition that I was doing something radically unique. Hmm.

Huge mistake. ( I can see you, the old timers with your hands folded, the wry smile, eyes rolling and head shaking. Us novices have to start somewhere)

One of  these select  friends came for a visit from another state. He and his wife lovingly chided me about this “supposed” book I was writing, when was I going to let them read it.

I explained I was only part way through but when it was finished I promised they would be the first.

Time goes by and they visit again.

Where is the book they query.

Only half done was my arm’s length reply.

They then threw me a king hit ( a punch I was not expecting). They told me they didn’t believe that I was actually writing a book.

Like a red flag to a bull I was baited to the challenge. I immediately took a USB memory stick, downloaded what I had written, warts and,  all gave it to them. I told them to read and weep.

When they left I was the one who wept. Up until this time I had allowed no one to read anything I had ever written. I was out of my league  and  I was fearful of its repercussion.

It had to be a good month before I heard from them. Not another word written until I heard back. As if I was waiting for a reprieve from the Governor.

I can’t remember all that my friend said but one sentence struck me and has been with me till this day. “I could relate to your story because I know the author”.

At first I didn’t get its meaning. It was a term that I had heard before in relation to our relationship with Jesus.

In giving it more thought as time went on I realized it is the same truth that  makes the bible so special to me.

If I didn’t know Him on a personal level I would not have any idea of what He was trying to convey, the truth he was not only speaking but living and the way he by His own example teaches us how to live, how to feel, think, have compassion, be forgiving and understand his story telling.

What about my book you ask?  Not another word was written, hid away where I don’t even remember where I put it never to be seen by human eyes, ever.

I got something much more valuable from that experience. I was able to understand why I love the Bible so much.

I know the Author.

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  1. Great point. The more we know Him the greater the revelation of His Word.

  2. What a great way to look at the Bible. Really good post, too by the way. You should think of finishing that book you started. 🙂 Blessings.

  3. inspireddaybyday

    Brilliant!!! It’s true! Because I know the author, God’s word means so much to me.
    Though Sammy, you really do have a gift of writing and I pray that you do write a book and publish it. I for one would love to read it! Your blog pages have been an amazing blessing to me and our family, not to mention the ladies group, I shared them with. I thank you too, for all the encouragement.

    • You humble me Kimmy. God bless you. I have a very short Bucket List. Writing a book is up there near the top (I had to look over my shoulder to see if my wife was within seeing distance). I almost said at the top. But for argument sake writing a book is “way up there”. To know that I already have one promised sale puts me on cloud nine. Most of all and most important is that through this we are becoming friends. You are a blessing……

  4. optimisticgladness

    Lovely post. So you really haven’t finished your book? How come?

  5. Wonderful Sammy and truly inspiring. So insightful, genuine and beautifully written. I think you need to unearth that book and get it out there. Many of us need it;)

    • Why thank you, thank you for the kind words. That book hopefully will be written and thank you for your encouragement it goes a long way. God bless

  6. So enjoyed this! You must keep writing!:)

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