You Are My Church

When I started this blog  just over two months ago (April 2013) I had only one thing in mind. I wanted to say the name of Jesus, I wanted to see it in print, I wanted think it in my mind when I typed it, I wanted it to permeate my whole being.

You see I don’t go t church, I don’t fellowship with other Christians, I don’t talk about the Lord around the house, we don’t play christian music, I don’t sing out loud. I very rarely get to say His name in public. I don’t go to bible studies or watch the televangelist on TV. I don’t correspond with other believers.

My kids have out grown daddy reading them bible stories or praying with them before bed or before meals. When they were sick or when they need to be reassured that Jesus was always there with them They are grown and with their own personal  beliefs and finding their own way in life.

My wife and I have drifted over the years in our personal walk with the Lord so our conversation is not based around saying the name of Jesus.

I missed it,  so when I started this particular blog (I have had a few since starting almost two years ago), I decided I just wanted to talk about Jesus.

My blog was never to be a pulpit, a school of learning or instruction. It was not meant to be an encouragement to others. It was not started to be for anybody but me, for my encouragement, my time with Jesus. I wanted to lose myself in the time I gave myself to write about the Lord. When starting I thought I might as well throw in some stories about my life. That again was for my sake, to reflect on all the Lord had done for me throughout my life.

I am normally a very private person. My thoughts are usually very well embedded way down deep inside. For others to try to find a way into my personal life is not an easy task. I am not and have not always been an open book but for some reason I wanted to be honest in this blog.  I wanted Jesus to know in words how I felt about Him. How his love had affected my life for the past forty years.

Almost immediately I started to get feedback. Others started to follow my blog, I began to make some friends. I began to read other christian blogs. I began to resonate with those that were willing to open their hearts and tell their stories.

I have read hundreds of christian blog posts over the past two months. Some use their blog as a pulpit, some as teaching lectern, some as a soapbox, some as a journal, some as a sharing experience and some just to proclaim their love for God.

I don’t relate to all but one thing stood out to me is that everyone who blogs about faith, about Jesus, about God is part of a phenomenon that continues to spread throughout the earth.

We all have one common bond.


A man that we have never met in the flesh miraculously lives separately in each and every one of our hearts that makes us want to shout His Name.

I am so grateful that I am one of those.

I am grateful for you, my new church.

This is why I blog.

Thank you for visiting.


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  1. inspireddaybyday

    Bless you Sammy!

  2. Indeed on your blog and what inspireddaybyday said…. Blessings to you always. . Well put Sammy. Hugs

  3. So true….a common ground of Jesus. That is a powerful common bond. My closest friends are not those who I have the most in common with or that enjoy the same sports or activities, necessarily…..we have a passion for Jesus in common. I loved your post today. Had to comment. I enjoy plugging into your community here! Blessings to you!

  4. God bless you Sammy. Beautiful and heartfelt. I truly agree that we are all united in that wonderful man named Jesus. Thank you for being obedient to his call to start this blog and minister to so many. Continue to let Him use you in amazing and mighty ways

  5. Great post. I go to church and among my church friends, there’s lots of talk of God and Jesus. But after church, during the week…not so much. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in this. (Although I must say, we’re getting better at home. There’s lots of talk of God and Jesus, but then, my kids are little and have tons of questions.)

    • Hi Nancy, Yes its true, when the kids are young, parents rule. Ha. Our problem was we went astray as a family and never really found our way back. Having fellowship with you all makes life much better. Even the smallest comment can keep me going for awhile. Thanks for sharing I really appreciate it and all the best to you and your family. God bless you.

      • I share your sentiments, Sammy. You’re right, it is easier when the kids are young. My hope is that we make this a way of life and that my children don’t lose their way like I did (although I have found my way back). And connecting with other bloggers and creating these communities for ourselves can really help us along our journey. Blessings.

  6. Two year late but beautiful, i must say. I can relate to this

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