Once a Disciple Always a Disciple

I went from being Jewish to a full time disciple of Jesus. There was no grey areas with my conversion. I didn’t know what a christian was but I learned quickly what it meant to be a disciple.

In the book of acts the disciples were wreaking havoc with the help of the Holy Spirit making disciples of all nations. They had all these pockets of new converts popping up all over the place. This Jesus revolution was spreading like wild fire.

The original twelve were put through their paces and tested along the way. First they were all expected to forsake all, leave everything behind and follow Jesus. They spent most of their time on the dusty roads following Jesus around learning from the Master himself.

On more than one occasion they were sent out by Jesus to surrounding cities and far countries to live by faith. Go out and see what God can do. One time with provisions and once told with nothing  but the clothes on their back.

On the job training. Get out there and test your faith to the max and see what our God will do.

There  was also a mention of  Jesus appointing seventy other disciples to do the same. Get out of town and try out your new faith tools. You want to be a disciple then I will throw you out in deep waters. That ought to teach you how to swim. Don’t worry you won’t drown but the contrary, watch our God do great and might things. And they did and He did.

But not every one that came to Jesus that were healed or believed on him were disciple material. He gave other instructions for those who were not up to the task. He sent them away with His blessing.

When the Holy Spirit took over after Jesus ascended into heaven then the floodgates opened and there were more new converts every day in the beginning than you could shake a stick at.

The Church was established.

Some time later in Antioch the disciples were first called Christians.

As it says; many are called but few are chosen.

Not everyone can make it as a disciple. Its like being in the christian Navy Seals, Green Beret, the army’s Special Forces or any of the other elite classes of the military.

I am of  the  belief (and I am sure I will get some feedback on this) that not all Christians are disciples.

Being a disciple is a way of life and not only hundred percent commitment which most of us feel that we have. But do we all have what it takes to leave everything behind if Jesus calls at a moments notice, are we strong enough to go where He sends us to test our resolve. Do we have what it takes to lives a special forces christian being like Jesus and never having anywhere to lay our head.

I lived that life once and it was the best times of my life.

After twenty five years of being a front line soldier for Jesus I put my self into voluntary retirement. I hung up my boots, I put my weapons in storage  and gave away my uniforms to good will. After all I served my Lord and I deserved the self indulgence of retirement.

But once a disciple always a disciple. After 16 years of being normal I had enough I wanted to be reactivated again.

I sought the Lord and asked if He would give me another chance, that I made a mistake. I begged for another chance, I begged for forgiveness for letting Him down as others continued to fight battles I should have been a part of.

I am now back in training getting stronger day by day. Showing God I mean business and regardless of my age and circumstances I am going to be ready when my orders come down from the top:

Sammy, its time, follow me and I will make you fishers of men, go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature and make disciples of all nations. Go out in the highways and byways and see what I will do.

We are never to old to say yes to God.

Are you a special forces disciple?


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  1. Awww YES! 🙂 One of his BEST I am certain.

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