Diamonds In The Rough

A diamond in a pile of coal shows the evolution of a precious gem.When a child is born and the mother takes the baby to her bosom for the first time she understands what perfect love is.

When a father holds his child for the first time pride surges through his veins, his chest inflates and for a moment everything is perfect.

An outsider comes in,  takes one look at the new-born and screams inside, OMG, this is a face only a mother could love.

God sees a diamond in the rough. He sees the end result. He sees what we can’t see. He sees the end product. Because He is the Master Cutter.

God’s work begins, the long arduous, painstaking process of digging out the diamond from where it is earthed. Cutting and forming it to the exact and precise measurement and shape  it is meant to be.

When finished the diamond is set in a specially made cubicle such as a ring, or necklace, earring, watch or other unique casing.

The diamond then becomes ready for use.

If you feel like you have been in the processing plant way too long, be patient. God knows what He is doing. He knows when you will be ready for display for the whole world to see and marvel.

He treats each one of us in respect of a masterpiece being created in the hands of an expert.

God knows. He is working on you every moment of each and every day. Some of us just take more time.

Even those that have already been made into the finest of diamonds there comes a time when they will need to be taken back to the master cutter for repair or polish. Its inevitable, part of the overall process of keeping us looking beautiful.

Whether still in the processing plant or in the repair shop remember just trust that the One working on us knows what he is doing and will only let us go when we are finished to His liking.

Remember this, we all started as diamonds in the rough.


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  1. Really really good post Sammy. 🙂

  2. Fantastic Sammy. I really enjoyed this 🙂

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