What Is Your Measuring Stick?

“Don’t tell me what you believe, show me how you live each day and I’ll know what you believe.”

This quote has been a measuring stick to me for many years now. It helps me keep a balance between good preaching, teaching,  advice or instruction I give to others.

I believe as a christian that God instructed us, no I will be more forthright, commanded us to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Now we can take that literally or metaphorically or just as good advice.

It may not always need to come in the form of standing at a pulpit or being a missionary in a far off land. It may have nothing to do with being a youth minister or even standing on a street corner handing out gospel tracks.

How ever you proclaim your faith, you better be able to back it up with how you live your life on a daily basis.

Now if I was to invite you into my home to live with me for a week so you can see first hand how I live I may have to give out a hit of  no dose or V or even a shot of adrenalin because I guarantee, you could even die of boredom.

So when I tell others about Jesus, talk about the lessons I learn or how I have lived my life for Him in the past, can quote you scripture and verse, tell you what Daniel meant in prophecy or argue creation verses evolution it all means absolutely nothing if  I can’t back it up with a Godly presence on a daily basis.

And I am not talking about how I can read God’s word in the morning, or review my memorized scriptures, pray for an hour at a time. It certainly has nothing to do with how much I allot for missionary giving or how prompt I am in getting to church on Sunday or how good I am at leading the Wednesday night bible study.  No in fact even if it was those things I would fall short.

If you viewed me from a physical aspect you would be mostly disappointed, I am sure of that as much as I know that the sun rises will rise every day in the east.

Personally I would look for how a person makes me feel when meeting them for the first time, if they more a listener than talker. I would look to see how they interacted with others, their neighbors, strangers. How they would treat that annoying telemarketer that called for the tenth time.

I would look and see how he treated their work mates or if they are the boss their employees. I would look at how they interacted with those less fortunate than themselves.

I would watch very closely how they reacted to situations that are out of their control such as erratic drivers that cut them off in traffic or how patiently they wait in line  or their attitude toward those that are different to themselves such as those of a different faith, sexual orientation or color of skin.

I would look at how they treated their children, their wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend.  How they treated their in-laws (well ok, maybe I’m over doing it and asking too much now)

One thing I know for sure, what is in the heart will come out in some way or form.

I guess if I were to invite you into my life for a week I would want you to look at those things I stated above. I may not live up to your standard but I can tell you for sure, that I am trying my best to be the way God wants me to be.

I guess what I am trying to say, as a christian I am  compelled to tell others of the good news,not because I should but because I want to.

I also have to be willing to be judged not by what I say but how I live my life.

What is your measuring stick?


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  1. It’s GREAT to see you post again Aw yes the measuring stick! These are the things that really matter, right?

  2. The quote is so right! We show our beliefs and our faith by how we live our lives. For me the measuring stick is Jesus’ admonition to love God with all our heart, soul and mind and to love our neighbours as ourselves.

  3. So good!!! You will know them by their fruits!!

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