How Much Can We Take

When the Lord squeezes us it hurts.

I say ‘uncle’ , I surrender Lord.”

He squeezes tighter, I say, “OK Lord, I get it, you can let go now”

He squeezes tighter.

“I get the point, Lord, I can’t breath.”

He squeezes tighter.

“Good lord, I’m not going to make it, stop”

He squeezes tighter.

I give in, please Lord, I can’t take any more.

He squeezes tighter.

I can’t breath, I stop struggling.

He lets go.

I gulp air like a man dying of thirst.

I take a deep breath, thank the Lord and give myself a pat on the back for how I endured.

I may have a few scars but they are just reminders so I will never forget.

How much can we take?

More than we think.


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