Who Said I Had A Choice

I read where someone had asked Stephen King why he chose to write horror.  He answered, “who said I had a choice”.

I just finished reading a back and forth conversation with an atheist and a christian. When are we going to  get it through our thick sculls that we do not have to prove our belief. If I believe in God why on earth do I have to prove that to anyone.

It’s the atheist who has to prove to himself and the rest of the world that he chooses not to believe in God. Ironic isn’t it, that  a person has to choose not to believe in God but a believer does not have to prove the existence of God.

Yes, I concur, one chooses to be a christian, one chooses to be a missionary, a minister, a Baptist or Catholic. We choose to ask Jesus into our life, we choose to obey what we believe is the right way or  we choose to disobey what we have been taught.

We don’t choose our parents, we don’t choose our family, we don’t choose God.

In retrospect I can see clearly that God was always there for the taking. He was just waiting for me to wake up, open my eyes and become aware that He was right there all the time.

No, I didn’t choose God, he chose me. “Ye have not chosen me by I have chosen you ….” John 15:16

I believe many  are under the misconception that we chose God. We are his children from the beginning so how can we choose the one that made us.  We may choose to believe that He is our father and his son is our saviour but we do not choose God.

So go ahead Mr Atheist, ask me why I choose to believe in God.

I will answer emphatically “who said I had a choice”


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