Follow Me…Go Ye…

imagesThere are times in our lives that the Lord says “follow me”.  If you are anything like me, following is difficult because it seems that the Lord is never in a (1)

So to follow him we must stay behind him and not run ahead. It is usually for good reason. He knows where the pitfalls are, uncharted paths and unseen danger.

Following is hard, slow , sometimes tedious and I get bored with it. But necessary to prepare us for greater things.

Then there are times when he says “go”.  He knows that we are ready to launch out in the unknown, he has trained us  and we have been faithful in our following and teaches us what we need each step of the way.

Going is fun, adventurous even dangerous and great for your faith.

It is harder to follow than to go but we need both in our lives if we are to stay vibrant and alive for the Lord.   These times are more of a teaching experience and they can seem to on forever as the pace is much slower.

So when He knows we are ready to “go”  he takes off the reins and slaps our behind and lets us out into the world to wreak havoc for Him. Going gives us freedom that we earned when we learned to follow.

As disciples we should know how to “follow”and “go”. My greatest stories come from going. But the most intimate lessons come from following.

I am in the  following mode now and have been for quite some time. Its killing me but I know that when God says “go” it will be when He knows that I am ready for the next big adventure.


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