Careful What You Pray For

I can’t remember how long ago it was but for arguments sake let’s say about a year ago I prayed “Lord, I want to be a doorkeeper in your house”. Now God knew what I meant, He knew I wasn’t literally asking to be a doorkeeper in His house becasue that would leave this post up for major discussion among the theologians. He knew I meant that I felt I was ready to be what He wanted me to be no matter how insignificant it seemed as far as service was concerned. At the time I had felt I was in Job’s inner circle and had some major internal heart surgergy with God as my surgeon.

I poured out my heart and left it in God’s hands.

Time goes on, the prayer fades from memory and it seems the struggles persist.

I came across this verse again this morning  I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of God than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.” Ps 84:10 It reminded me of what I had committed to God and a chance to see what progress He made in answering.

Outwardly it seemed that He had more important matters to attend to. You know the homeless, the sick and dying, starvation in foreign lands, personal tragedies, earthquakes and natural disasters, tax cuts. The list seems endless yet somehow I knew with all that He had on his plate He was tending to my request.

As I sat back and close my eyes taking one last sip of my morning coffee I saw a picture of God in overalls covered in paint. He was to paint a room in a run down house. It looked as if it had been years since its last facelift. Before painting he had to clean the walls, strip off any excess dirt and paint, fill any holes and smooth outs its surface. Then an undercoat or two.

After applying the final coat of paint He stepped back. Smiled and said.  “Now this room is ready to be used”

I was that room. I asked for a do over and a chance to be restored and used in even the smallest way in His house. He accepted the challenge and started stripping away the dirt, filled in those holes in my heart, put some undercoats on to make sure that the final painting would be nothing less than radiant.

It has taken longer than what I would have liked but God knows that any prayer answered is worth answering right.

It may take a bit of cleaning up, stripping away the old, filling in the holes, putting on a few undercoats. When you are ready for the final coat of paint you know that you will be a room worth living in.

Just be careful of what you pray for because God will answer but not always the way we expect.


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