Owe No Man Anything

Debt-Burden-CartoonWe found out the hard way it is very difficult to have faith in God for money, finances and supply when you live beyond your means. We had been doing that for quit a few years before it caught up with us. God had blessed us with jobs that were financially stable. We were not only able to give our children what they needed, nice housing, respectable cars, good education and other “things” that we normally would not able to afford living as missionaries with a large family. Things certainly changed for us and when we were able to get our first Credit Card we were quite aware of the drawbacks and pitfalls but oh how easy was it to pay for things without having to save for it. Buy now pay later.

We were living well for quite a few years. Always within our means until our outgo became greater than our income. Thank God for Credit Cards ( I thought), yes plural, too easy. We were spiraling out of control. We started paying our normal bills with Credit Cards and were quite aware that the credit available was diminishing month by month. When they started to max out and knowing it was a matter of a few months when using other people’s money was going to run out we were not going to meet our basic commitments.

Something had to be done and we were looking at financial ruin.

All this time we never had to trust God or ask God for help. We could do it on our own. Of course we thanked God for our blessings. When a bill or need came up that needed attention we didn’t need to pray or trust God that He was going to take care of us. We slowly but surely took God out of the equation.

When we realized we were heading for a disaster we didn’t have the faith to ask God to get supply our needs as we had learned to trust our own strength and the money of others, the Credit Cards.

Getting down to our final month that bills could be paid with the money and credit available we were looking at the worst possible scenario for our family. Bankruptcy.

We looked into it, discussed it and realized that it would not be a good fit.  Something had to be done.

It brought me to my knees and asked God to forgive me for allowing this dreadful situation. I knew I couldn’t expect God to override our bad decision-making that there had to be consequences to our actions. Oh how many times had we wished we could just win the lottery (oi vey) to get us out of this jam and start all over. Like drinking too much, getting a hangover and swearing you will never do it again. Ha.

The Lord spoke loud and clear. For once I was ready to listen and do what ever he had for us to get out of this mess we got ourselves into.”Owe no man anything but to love one another…” Romans 13:8 (KJV) Now, this may take things out of context of what Paul was saying but God used this verse to speak to me. There was no way that I could have faith for finances and God’s supply unless we paid Cesar what we owed him.

We were desperate and thank God for my dear wife. She was relentless in trying to find a way to make things right. The Lord answered our prayers and lead us to a financial institution that specifically helped you not only live within your means but was able, with the Governments help declare that all debts are no longer subject to interest and with a financial plan all debts to all parties concerned are paid in full over a period of time. This was a God send as this company did everything within their power to work out our debt problem. It will take quite a few  years to fully be out of debt to where we can say, “we owe no man anything… ”

The Lord answered our prayers, set us on a path of retribution, forgave us our weaknesses and is helping us to strengthen our faith as now we have the confidence that when we are truly in need we can go to Him and ask his help and he has not let us down yet.

Slowly we are building our faith back up in learning to go to God when there is a need or supply that need, then trusting Him in his way and in his time that He is working things out.

It’s a hard lesson but one that we have become quite thankful for. God may not always save from our problems the way we would like or feel is best for us  but He does give us ways to help ourselves.

Financial advice? Live within your means and let GOD do the rest.




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