On The Sidelines

baseball-300x239I am a sports lover.  So when my boys were old enough I encouraged them to play a sport, it didn’t matter what sport. Whatever caught their fancy.

I was a relatively quiet spectator on the sidelines. I very rarely took my eyes of my own kids as I wanted to capture every move they made. Of course I wanted their team to win. It’s a great feeling but most importantly I enjoyed going through each experience with them from a far.

I felt their joy when they scored a goal, I felt their pain when they got injured. I felt their disappointment when they made a mistake. I felt their loneliness when the coach wouldn’t put them into the game. I felt their humiliation when it was their mistake that cost the game. I felt their pride when they got man of the match.

I only had eyes for my boy. I don’t know if all parents are like that but I was. Of course I wanted them to do well and inside I was jumping up and down when things were going well and my heart ached when they seemed despondent and discouraged. I may not have been able to help much from the sideline but they knew I was there.

At the end of the day, win , lose or draw I was proud of them.

As I write this I can see God standing on the sidelines in the game of Life cheering me on. Not caring if I win or lose or draw. He just enjoys watching me play the game. He feels for me when I am  happy, He feels for me when I am sad, When I get injured or hurt He feels the pain.

When I win a game of life one day we rejoice together. We I lose on another day I know their will always be another game, tomorrow. If I get hurt  I know He feels my pain.

On our way home he always reminds me that we get to play the game again tomorrow.

And tomorrow He will be on the sideline watching my every move.





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  1. wow…such a great picture of God’s attitude towards us. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks buddy. I appreciate your comment.

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