Words That Work – Peace of Mind? Oh What A Feeling

When Paul wrote to the  Philippians, “the peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:7)  I am sure he was talking from experience.  Peace in our hearts and in our minds at the same time is like taking a vacation in Heaven.

In the early years after the death of my son, peace of mind went missing and my heart was a constant raging sea. Months could pass before experiencing peace that I am sure I had taken for granted my whole life.

Watching my 36-year-old son suffer with bipolar I have failed to understand his pain. When he writes from time to time on his Facebook page that he had a great day and was enjoying peace I started to realize what was important to him.

When my good blogging friend, from Missing Peace struggles to find meaning to life the title of her blog tells it all.

Through my own experience I have learned that peace of mind and heart are as important to the soul as is water, food and sleep to the body. Without them we will not be at our best.

All Paul pointed out, the peace that God gives passes all our understanding. Like turning on a light switch. Most of us don’t understand electricity and how it works but we know we can see when the light is turned on. Peace is a similar necessity of life.

Peace comes more regularly these days although the visits are usually fairly short but I have learned to appreciate and be grateful for when it does come.

So, if you want to ask God for peace of mind for yourself or for someone you know who really needs it just claim Philippines 4:7 when you pray, “Lord bless my loved one with the peace of God which passes all our understanding knowing that our hearts and minds will be protected by Jesus himself”

Peace of mind? Oh what a feeling.


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  1. This is very special 🙂 peace is so hard for me, but whenever I find your space I find myself in there… I try everyday to believe there is reason… when I opened your post this morning I thought to myself that maybe you are meant to be some connection for me… never overbearing… always just open and sharing. And then there I was…….. and I smiled 🙂 You are definitely someone very, very special for sure! Thank you for always having the courage to share your life 🙂 Thank you for always listening to me and making me feel so accepted for who I am! Much love Sammy!!!

  2. Hi Jami, I know peace in your life is something very important to you and I hope and pray you can find it more and more. Who you are is very special too and that is what I like about you, you let me accept you for who you are. Gambate (I think that is “keep fighting” in Japanese.) And thank you for seeing something in me I don’t see in myself. We all need each other don’t we. 🙂

  3. We do indeed!!! 🙂

  4. Praying for that peace for you–and others–Sammy.

  5. Peace. Whether in our hearts or minds can often time be so elusive — by human standards that is. Praise God for the peace He gives us! Thank You, Lord, for reminding me of this peace today through Sammy’s post.

  6. Yes, “so elusive”, I like that.

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