A Positive Mind

About three years ago I was watching a self-help video (I know, I know).

During the presentation there was a segment on positive thinking.  The presenter talked about our thinking habits and how negative thinking can suck the life out us and how it can also hold us back from being the person we were put on this earth to be.

It opened my eyes to my own thinking habits. Negative thinking was never a problem in my life growing up but as time wore on and the cares of this life took its toll on me negative thoughts crept in and because I didn’t put up much of a fight I allowed them to take over my thinking patterns.

To the outside world I was able to appear happy and on top of things. I knew how to act and what to say at the right times. To those that were not close to me I must have come across as a  well-bred gentleman with a winning smile and charming personality. But to my family I am sure I was not easy to be around especially my dear wife who took the brunt of my negativity.

Life became a chore, my days were difficult to get through and my mind became my own worst enemy.

For the first time I not only came face to face with my negative thinking problem but there was something I could do about it. The presenter presented a challenge.

Think positively about everything from morning till night for 30. Turn every negative thought into a positive one. Become more aware of our thought patterns and be in a position to be able to do something about negativity.

I took up the challenge.

The morning of the first day, for once being acutely aware of my thoughts, I was shocked at how negative in my world seemed to me. In the beginning I was more like a boxer trying to get out-of-the-way of my opponents punches. I was faced with an impossible task .

Getting through those first few days was a monumental challenge. It would have been so easy to give up and go back to my old way of thinking. Letting my mind just get back to its more comfortable negative world was not looking too bad. It would have been so much easier. In fact it had become my comfort zone.

I persisted. As each day passed I realized that I didn’t have to struggle so much when hit with a negative thought. Being aware that I was having a negative thought was a success in itself.

Then I learned to not try to stop the negative thoughts but when they came into my head  instantly replace it with a good thought. The idea was not to try to not have negative thoughts but replace them with good thoughts.

The morning I woke up thinking good thoughts, I knew I was on the road to a positive mind.

At the end of thirty days I was a new man. Maintaining positive thoughts became a new paradigm in my life. It wasn’t something I had to strive for. Life took on a whole new adventure for me.

The old adage stands strong, “you don’t have to chase the darkness out, just let the light in”

Fast forward three years.

Recently my dear wife Rhonda shows me a quote she found on Facebook. I’m paraphrasing here, “think positive thoughts for one day and watch your life change.”  Subtle hint from my better half? Not sure, I didn’t ask but it was enough of a nudge to get me thinking about my mind again.

Yes, I had somehow allowed those negative thoughts back into my life. Not as drastic but enough to cause me some concern.

I assessed my positive/negative balance needle at about 50-50. Sometimes 60-40 and sometimes 40-60.

Fifty fifty is just not good enough. It would be the equivalent of letting your engine idle in neutral and pushing down on the accelerator. You may not go backwards but you are not going to go forwards either. Stagnation, my mind was standing still.

I needed a mental tune up.

So I have decided to take up the challenge again. A thirty day feast of positive thinking to get my mind, my heart and my soul back in sync.

Just remember Sammy, don’t try to force out the darkness (negative thoughts), just replace them with the light (positive thoughts).

A tried and proven formula for a positive mind.


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  1. “In fact it had become my comfort zone.”

    The old “self-help” stuff! Anyone who has not tried that sometime in their life is insufferably pompous or convinced they have achieved perfection (personal “positive” thought!! 🙂 )

    And – oddly – what went through my mind reading this was yet another good reason for fellowship and discipleship. That left alone with the Lord we slide imperceptibly into a comfortable comfort zone. When it comes to “letting in the light” we all need someone to help us keep the “glass darkly” from dusting over! All of which (personal thought) goes hand in hand with positive thinking, looking outwards, and living in light!

    Wonderful post Sammy – thank you!!.

  2. Indeed. “As a man thinketh…”

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