The Handler

Growing up I loved spy movies. I especially liked the ones where the Russians would send undercover agents to America to blend in with American society and wait until they are called on to spy or do some sort of dirty deeds for their mother country. Sometimes they would send single men or women to marry an American, or even couples to blend in, raise a family, become an indispensable member of the community etc.

Sometimes you could get half way through the movie until you realized that this couple or individual who you grew to like and see as the protagonist turns out to be a “traitor”.

But how did these spies stay on track as they infiltrated society and blended in so they would seem, at least outwardly that they were just like any garden variety suburbanite.

Enter the handler.  There is always a handler. Another Russian spy, usually working for the Russian embassy or consulate and always has diplomatic immunity.

His job is to make sure the fake Americans stay on track, keep the motherland first and foremost in their minds and to be prepared for the day they will be called on to “spy”.  Or perhaps they have already been spying and passing on information to the handler. His job is to make sure that his charges don’t get sucked into society, don’t get too comfortable. Or worse get turned and become a red white and blue American. The handler is essential to the success of the mission. The mission is to do what they are asked to do and the end result is to return to the motherland in one piece.

Being a true believer, a christian in this world is not much different. If you are truly born again, then you know how different you are to the world we live in. We should never feel as though we fit in. We should always understand that our time here on this earth is temporary. We were sent to do a job, a special mission for each of us. Though many of us may not know what that mission is until later in life,  we spend our time fitting into society waiting for the call, knowing it will come.

So we pass our time trying our best to be one with our surroundings, we get secular jobs, we join churches, we go to schools and learn the ways of the world, we fit in. But we understand that this world is not our real home. We know that we are just passing through and we were sent to to fulfill a purpose.

With temptation all round us it is imperative to not allow ourselves to get sucked in. The world calls us to give in and become one, not just outwardly but inwardly too. Oh, how difficult it is at times to remain seperate in our hearts to the ways of the world knowing it is our duty to live in a world that is not ours. We can’t do this on our own.

Enter the handler.

Jesus. The perfect man for the job.

He knows us, he loves us, he understands us but most importantly he trusts us. He knows he can depend on us when the time comes. He looks past our frailties and our human weaknesses. He handles us like a pro because he has been here before. He keeps us on track, always reminding us of the bigger picture.   He continues to remind us that this world is not our home, we are just passing through. He too is essential to the success of our mission.

When our mission is complete he will then say to us, great job guys, you did good,  you can come home to the Mother Land. Heaven.




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  1. Hi Sammy! I love this analogy. Sometimes lately I have to wonder what side I am on. Please do not get me wrong. I love Jesus more than anything. I gave Him my life — my everything. But I feel as though my handler has left me to my own devices at times. I have been struggling so badly with my epilepsy and its cause, not to mention my broken self overall. I know He will never leave me or forsake me. He has made that clear to anybody who knows His Word. It’s just hard to keep His promises near and dear to my heart when I cannot understand why I cannot hear His answers to my cries. And believe-you-me, this fractured world is trying ever so hard to bring me to its side. I look forward with great anticipation to the day He does call this undercover worker of His home once again to be with Him. ‘Cause I can really use the rest!!!

    Love & blessings my friend!

    • Hi Lizzy, Good to hear from you again. I have taken some time off. One thing I know for sure. We will not be called back home until our time is up and until he has gotten the best out of us, complete our mission and fulfill our purpose. He is prepping you for just that and I know how you feel. There has been times when I wonder if He had taken a vacation and forgot to tell me. He hasn’t and he won’t but he knows how much we can take and will not tempt us above that what we are able. That’s a promise. I look forward to the day you write me
      with the answers to your prayers. 🙂

      • Hi Sammy! Thank you for your kind encouragement! I will drop you a line in the next few days. I hope your time off was relaxing and reflective of your love for Jesus.

      • Look forward to hearing from you Lizzy, you can send it via email if you would like a little more privacy. 🙂

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