Does Jesus Need Another Revolution

I am a product of the 1960’s and 70’s. At 18 I fought in the Vietnam war. At 21 I embraced the hippie culture and at 22 I was born into the Jesus Revolution. |I cannot talk of one without mention of the others.

Whatever spin one wants to put on each of them, in my opinion the Jesus Revolution (cover story  by Time Magazine article June 21, 1971) by far had the greatest impact on my life. The Vietnam war and the Hippie culture are fading memories but Jesus remains embedded in my life forever.

The Vietnam war was a blight on American society, our young being killed everyday at a rapid pace. Young men and women rebelling against their parents society that created a culture of young disaffected youth who ran for the hills, started communes  living together off the land with their drugs, sexual liberation and music that encouraged rebellion from a society they did not want to be part of.

From this tornado like atmosphere the Jesus Revolution was born. A spiritual phenomenon that spread worldwide.  The young and disenfranchised searching for a better life that was not being fulfilled with anti social  causes and drugs.  The youth of the day found a solution in Jesus.

Young people having their lives radically changed in an almost supernatural way.  It was not a revival. It was a revolution, a complete turnaround from the life they had been living to forge a new way. Young people, many who knew nothing of church, Jesus, God or christianity had their hearts radically changed almost instantly were ready and willing to follow Jesus to the ends of the earth.

Having already left their world behind, denounced materialism, stuck their noses up at a society that they wanted nothing of, they were ripe for the task of going into all the world and preaching the gospel to every creature. Youth reaching youth with the love of God in the name of Jesus.

Many churches were just not prepared for this Jesus Revolution and didn’t know how to react. We were not accepted, we were the dregs of society, the lowest of the low, not worthy to be called Christian. Many of us were taken in by those who were already fighting against the church’s inability to change. The non denominations took us in. Many went with those who started their own brand of christianity, many I am sure went back to their old lives.

Now forty-five years later I wonder with a  nostalgic ping in my heart where have all these bygone revolutionaries ended up. I can only speak for myself and I took a day or so to reflect on this.

It took me off the streets, off of drugs. It changed my  thought patterns and way of thinking.  Love became my mantra. I met my wife during this period  who has become my best friend. In our past worlds we would have never met. The children born to us are by far our greatest assets. I daily thank God how my life turned out as Jesus continues to  live in me and balances an often turbulent journey.

Is the world in need of another spiritual revolution and not just continued revivals? Are the youth of this generation dissatisfied enough to want radical change in their lives. Are the youth who have Jesus as their guiding light prepared to reach this lost generation?

I hope so.






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  1. I am one hand clapping. Give me another, and we will start to make some noise!

    btw, I am a huge enthusiast of N.T. Wright who has a new book coming out next month called, The Day The Revolution Began. Check out the link :

    I am excited for it. Perhaps you will be too. Dunno. But I only just now fit into this group of misfits.

    Anyway, back to the thought at hand…

    I live for the Kingdom Come for all I am worth. Keeps me fearful and trembling part of the time, angry and sad part of the time, hopeful and excited part of the time. I always try to bring a deeper conviction to myself and my friends. I am always looking for the Spirit’s leading and movement.

    Sign me up!


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