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Stay In Tune – God Is Always Speaking

God really works in some mysterious ways. It’s like He is continually figuring out ways to amaze me in the little obscure things he does.

I have a long time friend who went off the grid for a few years. Out of the blue I get an email from her. It was short and sweet. She tells me that she re-read an email that I had sent her quite some time ago (23 months to be exact) and how much it helped her when she re-read it.

The email I sent her was also attached so I decided to read it and see what was so insightful that my friend had to write me after such a long time.

I was pleasantly surprised. I had not only helped my friend get through a difficult day albeit  two years after I originally wrote the advice but it came back to me in a Dear Me sort of way. It was exactly what I needed to hear on the day.

God does work in some wonderful and unusual ways. If we can stay in tune with his still small voice which in this instance comes via a friend sending me, inadvertently I might add,  some of my own advice right back at me.

Now how cool is that.

God is always speaking. We just need to learn to listen.